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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here are a few of the Christmas Yo-Yo "no-slip" clippiez!

These are soooo sweet! I sold all the ones I had and had to make more so I could post them. There are 4 sets of the blue and 4 of the beige.

There are some smaller clippiez on the right side bar as well and many more below in the past post.

I'm offering a promotion to get the word out. If you purchase 5 sets of clippiez within a 6 month
period you will receive a free set or a clippie holder!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're in Buisness!!! Finally!


Handcrafted by a Salon Owner (ME) with high quality ribbon and professional grade alligator clips, purchase at a Salon supplier for my Hair Salon.
I also added a no slip grip on each one for fine or hard to hold hair.
I have quite a few different styles, here are just a few, I'll add more every couple of days...as they sell I'll put SOLD under the pic. But I can usually make more unless I'm out of that ribbon or fabric. My pay pal button is on the top under the header. If you have a question just leave it in the comment box and I'll answer it there. Have fun browsing!
I have a bunch of Holiday Clippiez that I'll post too!

1. $3.00 a pair. Cuppy Cakes, with aqua background.

2. $3.00 pair. These are cute for big girls too...especially with a big side bang sweep.
3. $3.00 pair....not sure why these are so popular but have had a lot of interest in these ones. I think the ladies want to wear them themselves!
4. $3.50 pair. Not sure I'll ever find this ribbon again, but I loved it cause my "China Adoption Blog" is called Sugar & Spice & a Lil' Rice so as soon as I seen "Sugar and Spice" ribbon I knew I had to get it. I can make about 3 more sets of these ones and that's it.
5. $3.50 pair. Well I guess you might guess after seeing #4 what inspired me to get this ribbon. It reminds me of the China flag.
6. $ 3.50 pair. Daddy's favorite sport!
7. $5.00 each pair. $5.00 for the single pony clippy. This is a vintage Coke fabric. I can make bow tie ones, little Yo-Yo or the single big Yo-Yo. This clippy was inspired by the Chinese cartoon "Ni Hao Ki@ lan", our daughter is head over heals over this show! They look soooo sweet on her! I have many many different types of fabric and many colours so if your thinking of a certain fabric or color just ask.
8. $5.00 School Girl Yo-Yo. I love the denim with red! Sooo sweet!
9. $5.00 each. Christmas clippy holders! I have every day ones also. I'll put them up in a few days. Or if you were looking for something in particular just leave me a comment. & YES! I do have ladybugs! There is a smaller wooden piece on the bottom for added weight. Keeps it from curling up.
10. $ 3.00 pair. Supergirl no slippy clippiez. I have Hello Kitty and Minny Mouse also.
11. $5.00 pair. Sugar modeling a medium size pair of Yo-Yo clippiez. So fun!
12. $5.00 pair Mini Yo-Yo clippiez. Very cute on Pokie Tails!

13. $5.00 pair. Medium size Yo-Yo clippiez. These were the original Ki@ Lan inspired clippiez. I love these on Sugar when she has a pair of jean and a white shirt on.

These ones can be made into Mini, Medium or 1 large one.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome! and a test post!

This is a picture of the inspiration to my creativity, I started making bows for her hair and I can't stop! So here's hoping you'll help me with the over flow!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get this blog up and running and do a post on our adoption blog to get some action over here!

Yay! I'm soooo excited to tell everyone my news!