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Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Bowz

Flower girl clippy. I plan on doing a whole line of Wedding and Prom. I can do these in any color. Most of the ones you will see will be white unless I have a costume order.
Little Clippiez!

Single or Double 3" clippiez.

3" Holiday Clippiez. I haven't made my St.Patty or Easter ones yet, but you get the idea.

The top two are 2 1/2" inch clippiez, great for teens. The Ladybugs are so sweet! I love them on Sugar! I can do Dragonflies and Butterflies also.

Baby headband. I can do these in any color.

Leopard print headband for adults or Children. I also have Giraffe, Cow and Tiger in the animal print. Or you can get the black band with the bow in animal print.

The top 2 are 3" and the bottom one is a 4". The bottom ribbon can be any color.

Gerber Daisey Clips. I have dark or light pink and white.

I love these ones! This one would be a beautiful one for spring!

Puppy Bowz. These are two styles I can do. I have many different patterns of ribbon and colors.

This one I did for fun and my eldest daughter loves it! It's 10 "!!!!! It's really cute on big hair!